The Hodgetwins are taking the show on the road! For years, you have watched them on their various YouTube channels and laughed until your stomachs were in knots. Just imagine that same reaction…doubled! If you thought they were funny online, just wait until you see them in the flesh. And don’t worry, everything that you have come to love about them – their edgy, unfiltered comedy is exactly what they are bringing to this show. So if you are ready for a night of unforgettable laughs, be sure to cop your ticket today!

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November 15 – San Francisco, CA Sold Out

November 16 – Sacramento, CA Sold Out

November 17 – Oxnard, CA Sold Out

November 18 – Los Angeles, CA Sold Out

November 19 – Los Angeles, CA Sold Out

November 20 – Phoenix, AZ Sold Out

December 05 – Orlando, FL General AdmissionVIP Access

December 06 – Tampa, FL General Admission VIP Access

December 07 – Fort Lauderdale, FL Purchase Tickets

December 08 – West Palm Beach, FL Purchase Tickets

January 14 – Atlanta, GA Purchase Tickets

February 08 – New York, NY Purchase Tickets

February 09 – New York, NY Purchase Tickets

March 04 – New Orleans, LA Purchase Tickets

March 09 – Virginia Beach, VA Purchase Tickets


Dates Coming Soon


Dates Coming Soon


Dates Coming Soon